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Your Offer was ACCEPTED….Now What?

1. INSPECTION- Once your offer is accepted you need to have your home inspection if you choose to have one. Usually you have 15 days to complete the inspection but be sure to check you contract, if you are unsure please contact us. We strongly suggest you have the inspection. In advance of your inspection you should also have the Well and Septic Tank tested if you so choose and it’s applicable. Remember you have to pay for these inspections at the time of the inspection. We are happy to will assist you in scheduling the inspections.  Be sure that the Inspection Service you choose is licensed and insured.

2. APPRAISAL- If you are satisfied with the results of the inspection, we will notify your lender and tell them to order your appraisal if he/she has not done so already. It usually takes 3-5 days from the date your lender orders the appraisal for the appraiser to schedule and conduct the appraisal. The appraisal takes 3-10 days for the results to be returned to the Lender and for us to know the number.

3. COMMUNICATE- During this time your lender should have all of the required documents. It’s best to check in with your lender to confirm he/she has everything they need.

4. INSURANCE- You should call a local insurance company to get homeowners insurance quotes at this time. Its best you email your insurance agent a copy of the MLS Listing of the home you are purchasing. If you don’t have one, we can get you a copy. This will prevent your insurance agent from asking you a million questions about the home. Tell your insurance agent to call us if they have any specific questions about the home.

We recommend the following Insurance Agency:
Brockman Insurance Group

5. UTILITIES- When you’re about 5 days away from closing you should call the utility companies and ask to “Transfer Utilities” for the date of your closing. You may not be able to transfer / turn on water until after you have closed on your home.

6. FINAL WALK THROUGH- You should do a “Final Walk Through” of the property you are purchasing within 24 hours before closing to confirm the property is in the same condition that it was in when you agreed to purchase the property and that all inspection required repairs have been completed.

7. CLOSING- On the day of closing, all signers will need to bring their driver’s license or Passport and a Cashier’s Check in the amount you are required to bring to closing.  Your lender will be the one to give you the amount you will need to bring to closing.  The Cashier’s Check should be made out to the Title Company.

The day before closing or sometime the day of closing, you should communicate with your lender because they will need to tell you exactly how much you money need to bring to closing. Don’t be alarmed or upset if you receive this number the day of closing or even an hour or two before closing. This is very common. For whatever reason, the banks often wait until the last minute to get their paperwork to the closing agent and to gather final numbers. It’s not your lenders fault; there is a lot of coordination in the final hours between the Title Company and lender preparing all of the documentation and Closing Disclosure Statement.

Closings are typically done Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 P.M.  The closing should take around 1 hour depending on if everyone is on time and whether or not the loan funds right away.  We recommend that you plan at least a 3 hour window for closing in case there are any unforeseen delays. If this is a late closing say 3:00 or later, there is a very good chance it will not fund until the next day.

The last item will be the recording of your Deed.  The Title Company will prepare and file this on your behalf.  You will receive a copy of the recorded document. Be sure to review this document for accuracy.  If you do not receive a copy of the Deed contact the Office of the County Clerk in the county where the home is located, they will be able to help you obtain a copy.

Buyer Q&A’s

If I find items during the inspection that are broken or need to be repaired can I ask the seller to repair or replace?

Yes, you can ask for the items to be repaired, replaced or you can ask for a credit towards closing costs or a price reduction for an estimated amount and then you will assume the repairs yourself. Remember that during the inspection you are primarily looking for repairs that affect the homes mechanical systems, the structural integrity, and items that affect health and safety.

If my loan is denied by the lender will I get my earnest money deposit back?

Yes you will, assuming your purchase agreement has a mortgage contingency. Most do.

What if the home doesn’t appraise for what we offered the Seller?

If the home doesn’t appraise, we will go back to the negotiating table and either have the Seller reduce the price to the appraised value or we will ask for you to be released from the contract and your earnest money returned.

Can I pay over the appraised value if I want to?

Yes. However, anything you pay above the appraised value is that much more that you will have to bring to closing


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What our clients are saying  

Dan and Sheri Brewer embody going above and beyond, going the extra mile and serving with excellence. They were always available through the process and never pushy. They were honest with their feedback and took so much time explaining inspection reports, comparison reports and any other document that came our way. They reminded of us important deadlines along the way and even reminded us about utility transfers and logistics that can easily be forgotten when going through the home buying process. Most importantly, they are great realtors but even more, they are amazing people. They own their business and are not tied to a giant realty company. Their way of doing business was refreshing and a blessing to my family. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them if you are buying a home. You will not be disappointed!


~ Rebecca L.

They are the best; always there and very caring. They found the perfect home for my family and walked us through every step. I will be using them when I sell my other property.


~ Shela W.

Dan and Sheri are amazingly accommodating with their time and expertise. Regardless of the price value this team works consistently hard and makes me feel valued as a client.


~ Ron L.

Being first time home buyers, my wife and I were thinking of going about home buying on our own. But after working with Dan and Sheri, we are so thankful for having chosen them as our realtors. From the first day we started working with them, Dan and Sheri were 100% on the ball, responding immediately to our inquiries, setting up times for us to view homes, and working diligently to put in offers. They were great at finding listings that met our geographic, price, and other criteria. Once we were under contract, they were present during the inspection and continued to follow up with the listing agent. Their professionalism was a breath of fresh air as they guided us throughout the home buying process and offered sound advice, but gave us the freedom to make our own decisions. Even after the home buying process was finished, they are still responsive and knowledgeable about any other concerns that we have. We would recommend them without hesitation to any other home buyer.


~ Kyle S

I can't recommend Brewer Realty Group enough! Every step of the way, they were there to help, guide and assist me though the myriad of things that you encounter when purchasing a new home. We wanted to buy a house during this Christmas season. We not only found a house the week before Christmas, we closed on the home on 12/31! We could never have accomplished this without the efforts of Brewer Realty Group. Day or night, weekend or holiday, they were working with us, to make this purchase a reality for us. They always had our best interests at heart and informed us of the process. They were on site for every inspection and helped us wade though every detail to ensure we made an educated decision on the biggest purchase of our life. If you want a top quality agent, a partner to bounce ideas off of, a committed professional to guide you in the process, and an honest and trust-worthy advocate for you in the purchase of a new home - then look no further than Brewer Realty Group!


~ Jen S.

My work with Dan and Sheri several years ago when they managed Cuchara Enterprises, we had purchased a condo in the area. They were the property managers at the time (he later joined the realty group we bought our condo from). And what I experienced was two very honest, very hard working people. And I would not hesitate to recommend them!


~ Larry Kock

I have know Dan for 15 years. He helped me purchase and subsequently sell a condo. Prior to selling the condo Dan and his wife managed the unit while it was in a rental pool. He demonstrated masterful negotiation skills, priced the unit correctly and was responsive to me and potential buyers and their agents. Dan is quite knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Brewer Realty Group.


~ agquigley

Dan helped us purchase a vacation home in Cuchara, Colorado. Dan was very attentive to every detail and kept us up to date as the transaction progressed. He was great to explain everything on a level we could understand and was very knowledgeable about the area and made sure everything we needed was taken care of from the time of the showings to long after we moved in. Thanks to Dan our purchase was a wonderful experience and we are still friends today!


~ Linda Batchelder

It was such a pleasure working with Dan. He is not only intelligent but quick on his feet, kind to all, and very well versed in property management, customer service, and countless aspects of real estate and development operations. Anytime I needed anything, he was there before I even needed to ask for help and often he was already there right when I realized something was needed. He is excellent with clients, customers, owners, brokers and coworkers. There is not a single person that didn't enjoy working with him. I am absolutely certain that despite any platform or situation, Dan will handle it with the upmost thought, hard work, and dedication.


~ Jessica K.

Our company faced the challenge of purchasing a 3000 acre parcel that had a lot of complicated baggage with it. The sellers were represented by 13 Lawyers. We were represented by Dan Brewer. The deal had to be closed fairly quick and there was a mountain of work to get through. Dan handled everything from Surveyors, appraisers, County Officials, HOAs and the 13 lawyers. On several occasions it looked like the purchase would not go forward but Dan always found a way to work with both sides and make it happen. We closed on the purchase and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Our company works with agents all over the country but none have earned our respect the way he has. Dan is truly an exceptional real estate professional.


~ Cowtown Properties

Dan and Sheri worked so hard on getting my property sold that I really was amazed. My real estate had been on the market on and off for 5 years before I met these two. They gave my property a fresh look and used imaginative thinking to bring in new clients. After I had it listed with Dan for 3 months, he had multiple offers and I ended up selling above the list price. I am happy to recommend these guys to anyone who wants results. They know how to get it done.


~ Earl B.

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