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Top 10 Home Staging Tips

“32% of buyers’ agents believe staged homes increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer by one percent to five percent.” –

One to five percent can make a huge impact on your bottom line, but staged homes also tend to sell faster as well!  Here are our Top 10 picks for home staging…

1. Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, and it will take a split second for potential buyers to form an opinion of your home and to determine whether it is for them or not.  Enhance the curb appeal with some TLC. Power wash siding and walkways, keep windows clean, maintain the landscape and repaint where needed.

2. Create a Welcoming Entryway
Add some simple touches, such as a welcome mat, potted plants, lights, and some stylish porch furniture.  

3. Keep it Clean
This can be a hard staging tip to follow through with, especially if you have kids, but it is important. If your home is not clean, homebuyers are going to assume that the house has not been taken care of either, which will mean repairs are likely in order for them. Keep furniture and windows fingerprint-free, floors shining, and countertops and bathrooms scrubbed to give your home the best look. The cleaner, the better!

4. De-Clutter
Clutter is one of the biggest distractions for potential buyers. You may want to consider renting a storage unit if you have a lot of extra clutter, but you’ll find it worth your effort to have a clear, distraction-free space to show.

5. Let the Light In
Good lighting is crucial to making a home look and feel great to buyers. If there are any
trees blocking light from the windows, trim them back to allow the light in. Some homes lack good natural light, so in those cases, introduce some nice artificial lighting to the spaces that need it. You can also paint the walls in a lighter color and use light fabrics on the window treatments. Light helps a space feel much larger and more open, two big selling features to all home buyers.

6. Rearrange Furniture

Whether it’s in the living room, bedrooms, or kitchen, rearrange your furniture to give your home an open, welcoming appeal without the appearance of being too lived-in.

7. Stick with Neutral Tones
The reason for staging your home is to provide homebuyers the opportunity to visualize how this home can be made into their own. Neutral tones appeal to everyone, and they also look clean and crisp!

8. Take Care of Any Repairs

A home that is move-in ready is far more appealing to buyers than one that needs a lot of repairs. And, even if the repairs are small, they will have potential buyers wondering what else might be wrong with the home that they can’t see.

9. Consider Your Closets

One of the first things people do when looking at homes is open the closets. You must keep these clean and clutter-free. Consider leaving at least half of the closet empty, it will appear to have more space, which is a top priority for most buyers.

10. Detach Yourself from the Property
Take down the overload of family photos; remove the magnets from the fridge and the memorabilia from shelves and walls. Potential buyers will have a much easier time imagining their personal touches in their own styles this way.

Following these staging tips will not only help your home to sell, but it will potentially make the process faster and help to boost the selling price.  


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What our clients are saying  

Dan and Sheri Brewer embody going above and beyond, going the extra mile and serving with excellence. They were always available through the process and never pushy. They were honest with their feedback and took so much time explaining inspection reports, comparison reports and any other document that came our way. They reminded of us important deadlines along the way and even reminded us about utility transfers and logistics that can easily be forgotten when going through the home buying process. Most importantly, they are great realtors but even more, they are amazing people. They own their business and are not tied to a giant realty company. Their way of doing business was refreshing and a blessing to my family. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them if you are buying a home. You will not be disappointed!


~ Rebecca L.

They are the best; always there and very caring. They found the perfect home for my family and walked us through every step. I will be using them when I sell my other property.


~ Shela W.

Dan and Sheri are amazingly accommodating with their time and expertise. Regardless of the price value this team works consistently hard and makes me feel valued as a client.


~ Ron L.

Being first time home buyers, my wife and I were thinking of going about home buying on our own. But after working with Dan and Sheri, we are so thankful for having chosen them as our realtors. From the first day we started working with them, Dan and Sheri were 100% on the ball, responding immediately to our inquiries, setting up times for us to view homes, and working diligently to put in offers. They were great at finding listings that met our geographic, price, and other criteria. Once we were under contract, they were present during the inspection and continued to follow up with the listing agent. Their professionalism was a breath of fresh air as they guided us throughout the home buying process and offered sound advice, but gave us the freedom to make our own decisions. Even after the home buying process was finished, they are still responsive and knowledgeable about any other concerns that we have. We would recommend them without hesitation to any other home buyer.


~ Kyle S

I can't recommend Brewer Realty Group enough! Every step of the way, they were there to help, guide and assist me though the myriad of things that you encounter when purchasing a new home. We wanted to buy a house during this Christmas season. We not only found a house the week before Christmas, we closed on the home on 12/31! We could never have accomplished this without the efforts of Brewer Realty Group. Day or night, weekend or holiday, they were working with us, to make this purchase a reality for us. They always had our best interests at heart and informed us of the process. They were on site for every inspection and helped us wade though every detail to ensure we made an educated decision on the biggest purchase of our life. If you want a top quality agent, a partner to bounce ideas off of, a committed professional to guide you in the process, and an honest and trust-worthy advocate for you in the purchase of a new home - then look no further than Brewer Realty Group!


~ Jen S.

My work with Dan and Sheri several years ago when they managed Cuchara Enterprises, we had purchased a condo in the area. They were the property managers at the time (he later joined the realty group we bought our condo from). And what I experienced was two very honest, very hard working people. And I would not hesitate to recommend them!


~ Larry Kock

I have know Dan for 15 years. He helped me purchase and subsequently sell a condo. Prior to selling the condo Dan and his wife managed the unit while it was in a rental pool. He demonstrated masterful negotiation skills, priced the unit correctly and was responsive to me and potential buyers and their agents. Dan is quite knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Brewer Realty Group.


~ agquigley

Dan helped us purchase a vacation home in Cuchara, Colorado. Dan was very attentive to every detail and kept us up to date as the transaction progressed. He was great to explain everything on a level we could understand and was very knowledgeable about the area and made sure everything we needed was taken care of from the time of the showings to long after we moved in. Thanks to Dan our purchase was a wonderful experience and we are still friends today!


~ Linda Batchelder

It was such a pleasure working with Dan. He is not only intelligent but quick on his feet, kind to all, and very well versed in property management, customer service, and countless aspects of real estate and development operations. Anytime I needed anything, he was there before I even needed to ask for help and often he was already there right when I realized something was needed. He is excellent with clients, customers, owners, brokers and coworkers. There is not a single person that didn't enjoy working with him. I am absolutely certain that despite any platform or situation, Dan will handle it with the upmost thought, hard work, and dedication.


~ Jessica K.

Our company faced the challenge of purchasing a 3000 acre parcel that had a lot of complicated baggage with it. The sellers were represented by 13 Lawyers. We were represented by Dan Brewer. The deal had to be closed fairly quick and there was a mountain of work to get through. Dan handled everything from Surveyors, appraisers, County Officials, HOAs and the 13 lawyers. On several occasions it looked like the purchase would not go forward but Dan always found a way to work with both sides and make it happen. We closed on the purchase and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Our company works with agents all over the country but none have earned our respect the way he has. Dan is truly an exceptional real estate professional.


~ Cowtown Properties

Dan and Sheri worked so hard on getting my property sold that I really was amazed. My real estate had been on the market on and off for 5 years before I met these two. They gave my property a fresh look and used imaginative thinking to bring in new clients. After I had it listed with Dan for 3 months, he had multiple offers and I ended up selling above the list price. I am happy to recommend these guys to anyone who wants results. They know how to get it done.


~ Earl B.

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